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Let’s read !

Coordinador: Joe Abercrombie, native English speaker, teacher and creative writer.

Quan: 3r dissabte de cada mes (excepte abril), a les 11 h.

  • 17 de febrer
  • 16 de març
  • 18 de maig
  • 15 de juny

Good books broaden our minds and feed our souls and they are also a fantastic way to bring people together. To build bonds and trigger healthy discussion and debate. That is why this course “Let’s read!” is born in La Fatal, an activity which is half a didactic session of oral expression in a foreign language, and half a book club.

Throughout this course we will read a variety of diverse and beautiful books from around the world. We will celebrate authors you may have heard of and also delve into some hidden gems.

Each month you will receive a pack designed to provide you with an overview of the text and relevant vocabulary to talk about it. We will then meet to discuss each book in person at the end of the month. The course offers an excellent opportunity to network, learn about literature and exercise your English in a thought-provoking way. A level of around intermediate or higher is suggested.

Limited places.

Price: 80 euros / 4 sessions.


17 febrer

The collector, John Fowles

16 març

Love on the dole, Walter Greenwood

18 maig

The Fraud, Zadie Smith

15 juny

We are not ourselves, Matthew Thomas

Joe Abercrombie is a graduate of Brighton University where he studied English literature and creative writing. Living in such a vibrant young city whilst delving into the rich and varied texts his course offered, cemented a lifelong love of literature and writing. Those passions teamed with a desire to travel and learn languages meant teaching, and all that comes with it, was the only type of career that ever made any sense to him.

Being a British person in Lleida, the inevitable and at times, annoyingly frequent question of, “Però, per què Lleida? En plan, Lleida?!!!” Is one he has never spent much time thinking about. 6 years teaching English around the city has, however, triggered one question which has in turn, provoked a great deal of thought. That one being, “ why do people always say Lleida has nothing going on and lacks culture when it is clearly home to a large number of intelligent, open minded people?”.

In a way, this book group is Joe’s attempt at answering that question. It is a hand reaching out to open the door to a space where a like minded group of people can come together to discuss books. And, with Joe being an optimist, perhaps even build a community.


Dissabte 17 febr. 2024 - Dissabte 15 juny 2024


11:00 am


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